Eve online how to make money manufacturing

Eve online how to make money industry - I was wondering, those that say manufacturing is lucrative, how do you make money of off itif you have any links you can point me too, would be nice thanks1 reason my t1 is not profitable is there is someone with tons of alts buying and mass producing, before the station changes, all reseach and indy had limited slots, consequently also 1 people would use every slot in a system and surrounding systems unless you manage to catch it as they were claiming jobs and snuck some jobs in. If you make something and its selling in your tade hub for less than your build cost, don't sell it for less; stick it on at build +10-20% and it will eventually sell, might takes a few weeks or even monthes, in the mean time don't build any more of it and move on. I don't know exactly what an alpha can make mining in a venture so i'll pick belt ratting as an example because if you get into a decent sized null sec alliance you should be able to belt rat regularly and get steady income from it. It's only when you understand why things happen in markets that you can turn a profit more consistently than other players - because, just like in that other game (rl), not all decisions you make guarantee a positive return on investment.