Easy ways to make money for school

Ways to make money for a school - Students pay to guess how many jellybeans are in the jar, and at the end of a week of guessing, make an announcement over the school’s intercom of the winner, which will be the person who guessed the number closest to the amount of jellybeans in the jar. All schools are in need of a little monetary assistance, and below we’ve provided a list of several fundraising ideas for schools that work for elementary, middle, and high schoolers who want to fund anything from field trips to football games. Have to throw away their bottles and cans, and if they’re aware of a bottle and can drive that can support their local school, they’ll be more willing to take their bottles and cans to a drop-off. There are several different companies your school can partner with in order to buy gourmet popcorn in bulk so that you can provide tasty treats to your students and their families while also bringing in support for your school.