Easy things to steal to make money

Easy things to steal to make money - May seem like it is the best way to make money without having a job, after all, now you get to incorporate your love of assaulting old people with your quest to get rich, but you mustn't forget that most old people are weak and can be severely injured and possibly killed without much force. Useless reports online on how to get rich quick and be your own boss - remember on the internet its buyer beware so once a sucker pays you, you don't have to refund their money! By not working and still making money, you will be able to live the life of leisure you always dreamed of, and you may finally get laid thanks to all that money laying around. Some included:Becoming an adult film star (this still counts as work but you are more likely to meet idiots with tons of money who will want to marry you.

How to Get Away with Stealing

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