Do you get money for donating blood to red cross

Do you get paid for donating blood to red cross - Is not really any different then giving blood except that after the blood and plasma has been separated and the plasma removed, they mix saline solution in with the remaining blood and put it back in to your vein,when that happens, i tend to get a little bit of a strange tasty in my mouth and get a bit colder but it only lasts for maybe a minute. Know i had many pediatric patients in the hospital who required plasma transfusions regularly each month and other children who required it as a life saving treatment for an illness, such as kawasakis disease, (a particular virus which anyone can get which affects the blood vessels of the heart). The red cross only recovers the costs associated with the recruitment and screening of potential donors, the collection of blood by trained staff, the processing and testing of each unit of blood in state-of-the-art laboratories, and the labeling, storage, and distribution of blood components. I was very thankful that there are people out there who can and do donate their plasma and blood and that had our son’s condition deteriotated more, that a literally lifeline (blood/plasma) would have been available to save him from hemmoraging.

Surprising Facts About Blood Donation

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