Can you work a part time job while on unemployment

Can you work a part time job while on fmla - York state department of labor: before you file for unemployment – frequently asked questionsohio department of job and family services: unemployment compensation faqsstate of california employment development department: total and partial unemployment about the author cynthia myers is the author of numerous novels and her nonfiction work has appeared in publications ranging from "historic traveler" to "texas highways" to "medical practice management. Working part-time if you previously held a full-time job and you accept part-time work while you’re receiving unemployment benefits, of if the hours at your full-time job have been reduced to part-time, the amount you earn will reduce your benefit, but may not eliminate it altogether. Although individuals generally not eligible for benefits while attending school full-time, the following exceptions may allow you to collect benefits while in school:If you were attending school while working and continue school after becoming unemployed, you may be considered available for work while in school. If you worked more than one part-time job and still retain one of the jobs, you might be eligible for unemployment, as long as your remaining job doesn’t pay more than the minimum amount your state pays for a weekly benefit.

Working Part-time and Filing for Unemployment

This video explains how you may be eligible to receive partial unemployment benefits if your hours have been reduced or you are ...