Can you make money writing romance novels

Can you make money writing romance novels - I have struggled a lot in the past with my writing career in so many ways, and i’m not proud to say that i became very paranoid when my freelance writing colleagues / mentors talked about people that always sought help but never followed through that they might be referring to me, and that i might be frustrating them. , who also witnessed the very beginnings of the erotic romance market as an agent, told me that the digital publishers who came onto the scene in the early 2000s—ellora’s cave in particular—published stories that took risks in sexual explicitness that she hadn’t seen before, in addition to implementing a digital-first strategy. Which is why what i will say is that i think earning ,000 to ,000 per month writing romance is very possible within six months – if you constantly put out new titles (eg, one a week; minimally two to three per month) and follow some of the marketing advice discussed within – which is very minimal. And there’s the other main reason some authors have to be coy: aside from creating brand confusion for an author who wants to write outside the romance genre, too, a successful career writing lady smut might negatively affect her reputation in other markets, especially the literary market.

Writing Romance Novels | How to Start Your Story

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