Can you make a living selling clothes on ebay

Can you make a living selling used clothes on ebay - The 18 plus years i’ve been an ebay top rated seller, i’ve learned tons of tips and tricks about how to sell clothes on ebay and i’m sharing them with you for free! So mcfadden developed a free closet clean-out service, where she came to them, offering to organize their closets and give them a quote for any clothes they might want to sell. Type of shopping is all great if you are shopping for items for only yourself but this is not the greatest technique to shop for items to resell on ebay. Are some niche areas that bring in the cashola on ebay:Take for instance the bright red vintage slip i used as the featured image of this tutorial.

What To Sell On Ebay In 2017 - Top Selling Clothing To Make Money On Ebay

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