Can we do part time job while studying in uk

Can we do part time job while studying in singapore - You have a tier 4 student visa for degree level studyyour tier 4 visa sticker or your biometric residence permit card should indicate that you have restricted work permission, for example:work limited 20 hrs p/w term timework 20 hrs max in term-timework limit as in pbs rules 20hrs p/wif you have a tier 4 visa granted for degree level study but it does not appear to have this limited permission, for example it states ‘no work’, or refers to a 10 hour limit, contact the university visa advisers to find out if this should be changed. However, if your course formally requires you to be engaged in full-time study during what would otherwise be vacation, for example preparing for and taking an exam shortly after the end of term, or writing a dissertation to be completed during a university vacation, you should treat the 20 hour a week employment restriction as applying to this period. A maximum of 20 hours per weeknote that this is a maximum so during term time (or for research students during any period except when you are taking agreed holiday – see below) you must not exceed 20 hours in any week even if you work fewer hours in other weeks. Life is more intense than its undergraduate counterpart; however, with good forward planning, it's possible to achieve a healthy study-work balance this postgraduate funding approach is a challenging balancing act between earning enough to self-support and getting the best from your study experience in a limited timeframe.


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