Can postal money orders be cashed at the post office

Can money orders be cashed at the post office - International money orders are thought to be safer than sending currency through the post because there are various forms of identification required to cash an international money order, often including a signature and a form of photo identification. By obtaining their "mark's" postal zip code, they will draft bogus money orders based on whichever franchises will most likely be in their victim's home area as the familiarity of the store's name offers a sense of security. United states postal service began selling money orders as an alternative to sending currency through the postal system in order to reduce post office robberies, an idea instituted by montgomery blair who was postmaster-general 1861-1864. [4] money orders were later offered by many more vendors than just the postal service as a means to pay bills and send money internationally where there were not reliable banking or postal systems.

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