Can i work a part time job on disability

Can i work a part time job while on disability - Receive social security disability , correct me if i’m wrong but from what i understand i can work part toms and receive full benefits indefinately as long as i earn less then 810 a month and don’t work in anything that goes against what my disability is ( my disability effects my muscles in my legs) so basically not working longer then 10-20 hours a week or anything that has me doing anything social security says goes against my condition i. Am 22 years old am adhd and have autism and i will be starting my first job soon never work before i don’t learn fast as other am a little slower then other but this will be my first job and just wanted to know what will social security do about my benefits i been getting benefits since i was 3 years old i still go to the doctor for my disability and still take medicine just want some advice. My biggest problem in my former feild of work is, it’s hard to get a job and i’m typically the first to go (i’m reasonably slower than others) so if i were to actively look and find an employer willing to hire me, but then quit when my husband gets orders to a new state it might be months if not years before i can find another employer willing to hire me despite my draw backs. I believe i did the twp many years ago, didn’t work out as it was full time and just too much for me, so i believe working part time won’t be an issue for me, it’s just a couple of hours a day… do i or can i participate again in the program or is it even necessary since this money will be way less than the amount we can earn while on disability?

Social Security Disability and Part Time Work

Attorney Jonathan Ginsberg explains why part time work often creates problems for claimants in Social Security disability hearings ...