Can i start my own business with a marketing degree

Can i start my own business with a marketing degree - The many conversations i have had with thousands of women entrepreneurs over the past few years, i gathered that while having a business degree is a great help when it comes to starting a business, in today’s economy, getting an it, engineering or science degree can be an even better decision. It can mean the difference, for example, between slogging through understanding your business accounts with the help of your bookkeeper––someone who is not a trained teacher and may not be keeping up on the top industry standards and methods––or gliding more easily and familiarly through your book of accounts. " the answer is that while you can certainly start a business without a degree, earning a degree in which you can learn and master good analytical, marketing, managerial and accounting skills, may help you stand a better chance of success in the long run. It's true that the hard-knocks "university of life" might provide you with a real-world education for success in starting a business, good training in the right degree program can help you avoid unnecessary blunders and lower your learning curve along the way.

Do I need a college degree or MBA to start a business?

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