Business plan for home based travel agency

Home based travel agent business plan - Your office a cleaning priority; most of us occasionally allow our homes to fall into disarray when we are busy or overworked, but customers expect to see cleanliness and order in a professional office, even if it is in someone's home. ’??m an advocate of using a host agency for nearly all agents new to the industry: the 50% that choose to go on their own are nearly all experienced agents with large books of business and established supplier relationships. Or not your local or state building codes require it, having a separate entrance for your office space is a great feature, as it helps keep your home and work spaces separate and preserves your family's privacy. Having been a host agency director for over 5 years, i can tell you it takes around 2-4 years before most new home based agents feel comfortable in the industry and begin to see their businesses take off.

Travel Agency Business Plan - travel agency business plan outline.