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Good non retail part time jobs - You’re bill gates, mark zuckerberg or steve jobs, the only way it doesn’t pay to have a four-year degree is to have a career in one of the following highest paying jobs available for non-college grads:Top 20 jobs requiring no college degree*. Some common summer jobs include day camp counselor, lifeguard, lawn and garden maintenance, golf course attendant, and working at stores or businesses that are busiest (or only open) during the summer, like a water-sport rental business or a summer tourist attraction. Millions of college graduates prepare to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas and join the workforce, they face an economy with high unemployment rates, increasing competition for jobs and mounting debt from their college expenses. Key to finding a part-time job for a busy college student is to look for high-quality positions with a flexible schedule that are from a trustworthy source, says flexjobs director of online content brie reynolds.

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