Best muscle building home workout

Home workout for muscle building - [workout without weights at home for an year,build suitable upper back and shoulder strength,which would help in sharing the laod on my spine,thus fatiguing it lesser and then try to return to the gym]please do suggest the links where i could get the detailed version of working out upper back and shoulders without weights,if possible with videos. There,for my situation i have followed your routine for a month but now due to some reason i will be at a place that is very far from a gym (more than 40km)my goal is looks related btwat home i have two dumbells (10kg)how can i substitute exercises workout a and b version 2 beginner routine? To as big as 45lbs (also in 5lb increments), benches that can adjust to every angle, racks that can accommodate any exercise, cable columns and various machines for every muscle group and movement pattern whose resistance can also be adjusted in small increments with as little effort as pushing a pin into a different slot. You don’t, you’ll end up like most of the people who work out at home without much in the way of free weights or special equipment… forever stuck in the same spot doing the same stuff with nothing new to show for it for the rest of their lives.

Great Quality Muscle Building Workout - No Equipment Needed

The easiest way to build toned, quality muscles: What's up everybody, it's Jonny with Insane ...