Best items to buy and sell on ebay for profit

Best items to buy and sell on ebay for profit - I said in my earlier post whilst your methods are faultless, and i appreciate the fact that they hold true regardless of the amount of start-up capital, it concerns me that people on a very low budget or in receipt of welfare benefits, (i note from some of the above posts that this seems to be the demographic) would be tempted to try this, perhaps not fully realising that with just one returned item they will lose any profit they had anticipated as well as in all probability a significant amount of their own money. I have recently left my job due to stress, i’m looking to start making a bit of cash at home i have an ebay account and sell retro games etc and do well with that however it is starting to get low at car boots for findings etc and am no thinking about venturing out and buying and selling from other websites and to buy from china to sell on, is there items or a shop you would reccomend to sell on ebay for profit? Finished reading this article, i’m new to ebay and with your advice i’m sure i will be earning amounts of money in no time, i haven’t got a business but as i’m not busy i’m going to grind this process out for the next 2 weeks and i will post again informing you whether it was a success, again thankyou for making this post, i’m sure it’ll help me out greatly. . paypal take 30 days to transfer money to your account if i buy only 2 items and make a profit of (to use your example) of £5 per item then my total monthly profit for 30 days is £10 if you work that out on an hourly basis say 10hrs (and that’s being very conservative) to locate, purchase and re-advertise items, not to mention walks to post offices etc means that effectively you will earn less than a £1 per hour!

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