Advantages and disadvantages of part time job for student

Advantages and disadvantages of part time job for student - If a person can readily find part-time work near his home, but can only obtain a full-time position by commuting daily to another city that is an hour or more away from his home, he may be able to recoup a substantial amount of the differential in income through transportation cost savings in the form of lower expenditures for gas and lower overall vehicle maintenance costs due to putting fewer miles on his vehicle. I tend to leave my howework undone and not to stud enough for tests and although i get good grades they could get much better if i didn’t work and my grades wouldn’t look so much like a yoyo sometimes ver high and others very low i also lack social life since only sundays are off. A certain level of income is required to provide for family members, but beyond that basic financial requirement, the additional work hours required for full-time positions, many of which are salaried positions that actually require 50 to 60 hours work per week or more, may at some point come to be an unacceptable trade-off. A person who cannot find employment in the field of his choosing because he lacks the required academic credentials may elect to work only part time, thereby freeing up time to spend taking classes necessary to obtain the professional certification he needs to get work in his desired field.