Advantage and disadvantages of having a part time job

Advantages and disadvantages of having a part time job essay - First, they save an institution money in both salaries and benefits and are rarely promoted; second, the use of part-time faculty increases institutional flexibility in matching the demands of varying enrollments; third, they bring real-world experience; and fourth, part-time faculty themselves benefit because working part-time adds prestige and fulfillment to their lives and can lead to full-time employment. Employer may not permit you to have a second job, or to do freelance work in the same, or even an unrelated, field – particularly if you work at your main job full time. You take a second job or begin freelancing during your spare time, make sure that it's within your contractual terms with your main employer, and that your boss is happy with it. You are a full-time employee, then you should receive more vacation, holiday and sick days than part-timers as paid time off is usually calculated based on the number of total hours employed.

Teenagers working part time Advantages and disadvantages

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